Currently, Susan uses the Majolica Technique to decorate the pots. Majolica is colorful watercolor like decoration, which is applied on top of an opaque white background glaze. Traditionally Majolica is done on low-fired red clay but we use a white stoneware body, which is fired at a midrange temperature and is very durable and functional, after it is fired. Susan has a background in painting and printmaking and enjoys using the white background like a three-dimensional canvas that she can do water color like imagery upon. Her influences, among others, are Italian and Spanish Majolica, British Tinware, and botanical drawings of all sorts.

Peter and Susan met when they were going to the Kansas City Art Institute where they both received their BFAs in Ceramic Arts. Peter then went on to graduate school at the University of Massachusetts where he got if MFA in ceramics and Susan continued her education at Cranbrook Academy where she received her MFA also. The couple had their first pottery studio on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and then moved to Longmont where they started a family and set up the studio that they are still in.

The Stark’s are currently members at the Boulder Arts and Crafts Cooperative where their work is always on display. They also show at The Pottery Studio Gallery in Littleton and the Trimble Court Artists Coop in Fort Collins. They also participate in many different seasonal art shows locally and around the country.

HermaStone Pottery

Peter and Sue Stark